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About the John Paul II Centre for Family and Life

The John Paul II Centre for Family and Life is an agency of the Archdiocese of Brisbane. It was established in July 2007 with the mission to promote the living of the Christian vocation of marriage and the family and respect for the inherent dignity of all human life from conception until death.

It does this by:

  • being a voice on family and life issues for the Archdiocese
  • contributing to the development of policy on family and life issues within the Church and society
  • being a central reference point for volunteer groups or movements working in the area of marriage, family and life issues
  • seeking to identify what are the needs of families by way of support at the parish level
  • supporting initiatives at parish and deanery level that focus on supporting marriage and family
  • offering programmes in support of family life
  • identifying resources aimed at supporting families and collaborating in the development of new resources
  • cultivating links with other organisations supporting marriage and family or working to support respect for human life
  • offering seminars on the theology and mission of family
  • responding to inquiries from public and Church organisations

A primary focus of the Centre is to support parishes and deaneries in initiatives which help to build up the family and strengthen marriage.

Some of our activities focus upon the family as a unit, other activities focus upon particular members of the family (e.g. mothers, fathers, grandparents).

The Centre is co-located with the Queensland Bioethics Centre, with both centres under the one director and sharing administration staff.

Directory Download: Organisations and Programs that Support Marriage and Family


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