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“God created us male and female, equal in dignity, but also with respective and complementary characteristics, so that the two might be a gift for each other, might value each other and might bring into being a community of love and life.”  

“Dear  married couples...your love is fruitful first and foremost for yourselves, because you desire and accomplish one another’s good, you experience the joy of receiving and giving.  It is also fruitful in your generous and responsible procreation of children, in your attentive care for them, and in their vigilant and wise education.  And lastly, it is fruitful for society, because family life is the first irreplaceable school of social virtues, such as respect for persons, gratuitousness, trust, responsibility, solidarity, cooperation.” (Pope Benedict XVI:   7th World Meeting of Families in Milan, Italy, June 3, 2012.)

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