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Accessibility Information

The Archdiocese of Brisbane strives to ensure all publicly available information is delivered in the most accessible manner possible. To achieve this a number of web policies have been put in place involving text size adjustment, instant skipping to content and alternate text for images.

Text Size Adjustment

Most web browsers support increasing and decreasing the size of the text on our website.

BrowserMenu Items Mac Shortcut PC Shortcut
Internet Explorer View > Text Size > Largest NoneNone
Netscape/FirefoxView > Text Size > Increase Command + Ctrl +
OperaView > Zoom > % Command + +
SafariView > Make Text Bigger Command +Ctrl +

If you have a mouse which has a scroll wheel you can also hold the Ctrl key (PC) or Command key (Mac) and move the scroll wheel to increase and decrease the size of the text on our website.

Access Keys

To allow our users to follow a link through the use of a keyboard alone, this website implements access keys for important functions and our main content areas. Simply hold the Alt key (PC) or Control key (Mac) then press the letter corresponding to the link you wish to follow.

Alt S - Skip to content
Alt H - Home page
Alt A - About
Alt F - Family
Alt R - Marriage
Alt L - Life Issues
Alt N - News
Alt E - Events
Alt C - Contact Us
Alt M - Sitemap

Please note: Users of some browsers may need to press the Enter key after the access key combination to go to the desired page.

Instant Content Skipping

For users of screen readers we have added a 'Skip to content' link as the first link on every page of this website (hidden from view however read out by screen readers). This link will take your screen reader directly to the content of the page. This is useful to avoid having to listen to all navigation elements if you simply need to hear the page content.  

Note: in most browsers you can press 'Alt S' to access this function with your keyboard. See our section above on 'Access Keys' for more information.

Keyboard Navigation

You may use the keyboard to navigate the links on our website. By pressing the Tab key repeatedly you will highlight each link consecutively. This will manifest with the following feedback:

  • If you are using a conventional browser you will see a light coloured box appear around each link consecutively.
  • If you are using a screen reader you may be read the title of the link highlighted.

Once you have highlighted your desired link, press the Enter key to go to that page.

Alternate Image Text

All images utilise alternate text. This means users with screen readers can hear a description of the image (useful for images containing text). In addition in some browsers you may hold your mouse over an image to see the description contained within the page.


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